If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s pretty great . . .

There’s a six-year-old kid near Cleveland named John Oliver Zippay.  But he goes by the nickname “J.O.”

He was diagnosed with leukemia at age three.  So he doesn’t really remember a time when he didn’t have cancer.

But two days after Christmas, he went through his final chemo treatment.  And on his first day back at school last week, he got a STANDING OVATION.

All the kids and teachers lined the hallway and cheered for him as he walked in.

His dad says J.O. asked him if he thought the school might make an announcement or something.  But he never expected anything that big.

In the video, he’s got a huge smile on his face as he walks in, which his mom described as, quote, “pure happiness.”

(ABC News / CNN)