This might be the most overqualified restaurant employee ever . . .

A woman named Alina Benge works as a waitress in Winnetka, Illinois, just north of Chicago.  And the restaurant where she works needed a busboy at the last minute on St. Patrick’s Day.  So she asked her DAD to fill in.

His name is Dr. Bill Benge.  He’s a Harvard-trained cardiologist who recently retired.  So apparently he had nothing better to do.

And it’s a good thing he said yes.  Because five minutes after clocking in, he saved a woman’s LIFE.

A female customer started choking.  So Bill stepped in . . . did the Heimlich maneuver . . . and it worked.  Someone called 911, and paramedics checked her out.  But she was fine, and even finished her meal.

When Bill originally agreed to fill in as a busboy, Alina joked that he could also help out if there was a medical emergency.  So it’s crazy it actually happened.

Bill says he hopes the story inspires other people to learn the Heimlich maneuver.  Because you don’t need to be a doctor to do it.