You know those guys who spend six hours at the gym to get unnecessarily huge?  Well every now and then, that much muscle IS necessary . . .

A couple in Ypsilanti, Michigan got into a nasty car crash last Thursday.  They were in a Jeep Cherokee, but you can’t even tell from the photos, because it’s so mangled.

The woman in the passenger’s seat was able to get out of the SUV.  But the guy in the driver’s seat was pinned.

He was hanging halfway out of the window, and couldn’t move because he was pinned between the SUV and a speed limit sign.

Four people tried to push the car so he could get out, but it wouldn’t budge.  But then a 29-year-old guy named Ryan Belcherwho happens to be a professional POWERLIFTER showed up on the scene.

He weighs about 350 pounds, squats 950, and can bench-press over 500 pounds.

He realized they only needed to move the SUV a few feet.  So he reached in through a broken window . . . started lifting and pushing at the same time . . . and moved it just enough for them to pull the guy out.  Then paramedics got him to a hospital.

He was seriously injured but survived, and Ryan went to see him in the hospital the other day.

(Fox News / MLive)