A Poll for Father’s Day Looked at the Top Dad Habits
Photo of young father sharing basics of baseball with his little boy, outdoors in the park

A new poll out for Father’s Day found 75% of us will celebrate this year, including 58% who plan to buy a present.  But the most popular gift involves FOOD.

The top five Father’s Day gifts in 2022 are a special meal with family or friends . . . a gift card for dad . . . clothes . . . tools . . . and a greeting card.

A nice meal together is also the top thing dads WANT this year.  An experience is next, like tickets to a concert or sporting event.  Then it’s gift cards, gadgets, and tools.

The poll also looked at a few dad habits in 2022 . . .

1.  Where does your dad spend most of his free time?  The top answers were the living room . . . the backyard . . . and, quote, “anywhere as long as there’s a TV.”

2.  What’s the top thing you’ll find in an average dad’s “man-cave”?  A TV was the #1 answer, followed by a comfy chair.  A fridge and sports collectables also made the list.

3.  What’s your dad’s top pet peeve?  The top five are leaving lights on . . . changing the channel . . . touching the thermostat . . . leaving doors open . . . and dishes in the sink.

4.  And finally, which TV dad is your father most like?  The top answers are Tim Taylor from “Home Improvement” . . . Homer from “The Simpsons” . . . Danny Tanner from “Full House” . . . Jack Pearson from “This Is Us” . . . and Uncle Phil from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.