Some nursing home residents in Maryland had a slightly more exciting day than usual this week . . . 52-year-old Andrew Lunn works as a nurse at an assisted living facility in Salisbury, Maryland.  (About 30 miles west of Ocean City.)

And he was at work on Tuesday when someone outside put their car in reverse by mistake and backed into a RIVER that runs past the property.

He immediately realized the driver couldn’t get out, and the cops wouldn’t get there in time.  So while his co-workers called 911, he stripped down to his skivvies and DOVE into the water.

He managed to get the guy to roll his window down . . . got his seatbelt undone . . . then PULLED him out through the window as the car went under.

An ambulance got the guy to a hospital.  And he only ended up with minor injuries.

It turns out Andrew used to be a lifeguard.  And he says working as a nurse also helped, because he’s used to dealing with high-stress situations.