A Nine-Year-Old Kid Got His Town to Lift Its Ban on Snowball Fights

I fully expect to see a Hallmark Channel movie about this kid next Christmas . . .

Nine-year-old Dane Best lives in Severance, Colorado.  It’s a small town outside Fort Collins, about 60 miles north of Denver. And for the past 98 years, they’ve had an active ban on SNOWBALL FIGHTS.

The law stated that you couldn’t throw objects at people, animals, or property.  So it was more about throwing rocks and stuff that might hurt someone.  No one had ever been arrested for throwing a snowball.  But technically, it was illegal.

So on Monday, Dane showed up to a city council meeting in a bowtie.  And he gave an impassioned three-minute speech on why the law was unjust.

And in the end, the city council voted UNANIMOUSLY to overturn the law.

A bunch of other kids were there with their parents and CHEERED when the law passed.  Then the mayor presented Dane with two snowballs outside.  And he and his four-year-old brother Dax got to throw the first LEGAL snowballs in the town’s history.

Now that he’s got one win under his belt, Dane is already onto his next cause.  It turns out the town also has a weird law that says you can have a maximum of three PETS.  Which means he’s currently fostering an illegal guinea pig.

(CBS Denver / Greeley Tribune / Today)



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