A Mistake on Cap’n Crunch’s Uniform Has Finally Been Fixed

The legendary Quaker Oats cereal Cap’n Crunch is now 60 YEARS OLD.  And to put that in context, Cap’n Crunch was in the U.S. before The Beatles.  (No one has ever suggested that the Beatles only came to America just to try Cap’n Crunch, but it’s POSSIBLE.)  (???)

The mascot . . . Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch . . . has REALLY earned the white in his mustache.  And now, for the first time ever, he’s also earned an actual CAPTAIN’S uniform.

If you didn’t know, Cap’n Crunch’s uniform has always been wrong . . . the gold stripes on his sleeve are below his rank.

An American naval captain wears FOUR gold bars on his sleeves, but Cap’n Crunch has always had fewer . . . initially wearing only one bar (ensign), then two bars (lieutenant), and three bars (commander).

For the 60th anniversary, they’ve finally given him FOUR bars.  There’s an updated image on social media, with the caption, “The internet has spoken, and we listened.  Introducing:  My new look and my 4th stripe era!”

(His next rank would be ADMIRAL.)

(They also posted a bizarre clip of dozens of people in updated Cap’n Crunch costumes, seemingly leaving a Cheesecake Factory.)  (???)  (It was apparently a promotional stunt at Comic-Con in San Diego.)

(Interesting Fact for Old-Schoolers:  The character was created in 1963 by TV producer Allan Burns, who worked on “Rocky and Bullwinkle”, and who co-created “The Munsters” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”.)

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