There’s a 53-year-old McDonald’s worker in Wichita named Vicki Anderson.  And a few months ago, her car finally broke down for good.

It was a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and it had been on its last legs for a while.  But she couldn’t afford another car.  So getting to work every morning has been a challenge.

But she was talking to one of her regular customers the other day, a business owner named Chris Ellis who hits the drive-thru a lot.  And she asked if he knew anyone selling a car for cheap.  So he said he’d ask around.

It turned out Chris’s son Josh had just bought a new truck and was selling his old car . . . a 2009 Pontiac G6.  So Chris asked how much he wanted for it.

Then on Wednesday, they showed up at McDonald’s and surprised Vicki by GIVING her the car.

Chris paid Josh for it.  He says he gave him a good price, because it was for a good cause.  And Josh even cleaned it, changed the oil, and had the tires rotated for her.

Someone got the whole thing on video, and she got pretty emotional about it.  She got in the driver’s seat, then had to get back out when she started to hyperventilate.

Chris told her she makes him smile every time he talks to her.  And he never forgets stuff like that.  So that’s why he did it.

(Wichita Eagle / Newsflare)