There’s an eight-year-old kid in Florida named Tommy Morrissey.  And if you’ve heard his name before, it’s because he’s a very good athlete . . . even though he was born with one arm.

He recently got to take batting practice with the St. Louis Cardinals at spring training, and it helped out his swing.

And now he’s in the news because he just hit an inside-the-park HOME RUN in a baseball game, and the video’s going viral.

This isn’t even the most impressive thing he’s done as an athlete though, because he’s also a very good golfer.  HBO’s “Real Sports” did a segment on him last year.  And at age seven, he could already drive the ball 200 yards.  (Here’s a clip.)

He’s the only child with a missing limb to ever qualify for the U.S. Kids World Championships.  And he’s done it three times.

He also came six inches from getting a hole-in-one at a par 3 course in North Carolina last summer.  (Here’s the footage of it, plus a clip of him getting a hole-in-one in virtual golf.)

On top of all that, he has a charity called The UnLIMBited Foundation that helps out other kids who are missing limbs.

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