Here’s how you win Mom of the Year . . .

There’s a seven-year-old kid in Brazil with cerebral palsy.  And he kept saying he wished he could skateboard like other kids.

So his mom actually made it happen.  And now the video is blowing up on Twitter.

She got in touch with some guys who run a group called “Skate Nuero” that specializes in exactly what they needed.

They build big, metal frameworks with straps, bungees, and wheels on the bottom.  So kids with disabilities can ride skateboards and get pushed around without falling.

The kid’s mom got her hands on one.  And the footage she posted from a skate park is pretty great.  The smile on his face at the end basically says it all.

The guys who built it also threw a big event, so other kids in the area could have a chance to try it out.

(Daily Mail / Laughing Squid)

(Here’s the video, and a photo of them together.)