A Kid Lost a Tooth at Recess, so His Principal Wrote to the Tooth Fairy

A first-grader in Wisconsin LITERALLY lost a tooth at school last week.  But his principal made sure he still got paid for it . . .

Curt Angeli is the principal at Gillett Elementary School, about 30 miles outside Green Bay.  And he found out a student lost a tooth at recess, but couldn’t find it.

Apparently it was already loose and got knocked out while they were playing a game.  But no one could find it on the ground.  And the kid was worried the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come if there wasn’t a tooth under his pillow.

So Curt sat down and wrote a LETTER to the Tooth Fairy, vouching for the kid.  Then he printed it on official school letterhead and sent it home with him.

In the letter, he explained what happened, then asked the Tooth Fairy to, quote, “Please accept this letter as official verification of a lost tooth, and provide the standard monetary exchange rate you would normally use.”

He also added a joke at the end about how he’s still waiting on his OWN payout from having his wisdom teeth removed in 1987.

Someone posted the letter on Facebook, and it’s been blowing up.  And the best news is it worked.  The kid showed up at school the next day and told Curt that the Tooth Fairy came . . . and left a WHOLE DOLLAR under his pillow.