Follow your dreams, kids.  Because anything’s possible . . .

A nine-year-old kid in England named Joe Whale kept getting in trouble at school for doodling in class.

The thing is, he’s a REALLY good doodler.  His drawings are super creative, and he loves doing it.  So instead of punishing him, his parents embraced it and signed him up for an art class.

His art teacher was so impressed, he posted a photo of his doodles on Instagram.  Then the owner of a local restaurant saw them . . . and recently HIRED Joe to doodle all over one of the walls in the restaurant’s dining room.

Joe says he was intimidated at first because the wall was huge.  And he didn’t know how he’d come up with enough doodles to fill it.

But then things just started to flow, and it turned out great.  You can check him out on Instagram.  Just search for “The Doodle Boy.”

(Bored Panda / Metro)

(Here’s a photo.)