There’s a 15-year-old kid in Massachusetts named Tommy Hardy who’s autistic and has cerebral palsy, so he uses a wheelchair.  And he loves Halloween.  So his dad Tom always makes him an elaborate costume to trick-or-treat in.

Past costumes have included a police car . . . an X-wing fighter from “Star Wars” . . . and one of the dragons from “Game of Thrones”.

And this year, he’s going as a FIGHTER JET.  Specifically, an SR-71 Blackbird, which the Air Force used from the mid ’60s through the late ’90s.

His dad and some buddies spent about 100 hours on it over the past month.  They mostly used random parts from his garage.  So the whole thing only cost about $75.

This costume’s special though, because it’s dedicated to Tommy’s grandparents who both passed away this year.

They both served in the Air Force during Vietnam.  So their names and ranks are printed on the tail.  And their photos are right next to the control panel in the cockpit.