An 18-year-old kid near Vegas named Shaun Mabanta recently found out he made it onto the prom court for his senior prom.  But he dropped out for a pretty cool reason.

He’s friends with another kid named Edgar Hernandez, who has autism.  And he wanted HIM to be in the running.

So he dropped out and aggressively started campaigning to get votes for him.  And earlier this month, Edgar WON.

They announced the king and queen at their prom on March 16th.  And when they said Edgar’s name, he got super emotional.  He even cried a little bit after the other kids started cheering his name.

Shaun says he did it because he knows what it’s like to feel different, and he used to have major issues with anxiety.  Plus, Edgar always goes from table to table at lunch and says hi to everyone.  So Shaun felt like he DESERVED to win.

Edgar says the whole thing really did make him feel special, and that Shaun’s a “good friend” for doing it.

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