A Kid Disobeys His Mom to Stay Up and Watch Netflix, Then Ends Up Saving Her from a Fire

Credit: ByoungJoo via Thinkstock

I think the takeaway here is NEVER listen to your parents, kids . . .

A 13-year-old in Delaware named Damir Border wanted to stay up late and watch Netflix last Tuesday night.  His mom said no.  But after she went to bed, he kept watching anyway.

And the fact that he didn’t listen actually saved BOTH of their lives.

Around 1:00 A.M., their breaker box sparked a fire that ended up destroying their mobile home.  But Damir was still watching Netflix when it happened.  So he was able to wake his mom up in time, and even called 911.

Their home was a total loss.  But obviously the fact that Damir and his mom are both okay is what really matters.

His dad was working the night shift when it happened.  So no one else was home.

(CBS News)



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