Back in 1998, a guy from New Hampshire named Mark DeAngelis proposed to his wife in a pretty unique way.

He dressed up as the Easter Bunny . . . surprised her at an Easter egg hunt . . . and got down on one knee.

And now he just recreated it for their 20th anniversary.

She was on vacation in Florida with their two daughters, and flew home on Tuesday.  So he got a new Easter Bunny costume, and waited at the airport with balloons.

His wife’s name is Jolene.  And as soon as she saw him in the costume, she knew it was him and cracked up.

Then he popped the bunny head off . . . got down on one knee . . . and RE-proposed to her with a new ring.  He got her a platinum one, because it’s a traditional 20th anniversary gift.  And he put it in a giant silver egg for her to open.

Jolene told the local news she was shocked.  She also talked about what a great husband and dad Mark’s been all these years. .

(WMUR / Facebook)