A video of a homeless opera singer belting out a song in an L.A. subway station went viral this week.  And it’s already completely changed her life . . .

Her name is Emily Zamourka.  She’s originally from Russia.  And she used to make money playing her VIOLIN on the street.  Then some jerk tried to steal it and broke it.  Which was a big deal, because it was worth about TEN GRAND.

It was also how she made a living.  So her only choice was to start singing for money.  And it turns out she has a great voice too.

A cop in L.A. happened to see her in the subway last week.  Then the LAPD posted the video on Twitter, and it blew up.  (Last we checked, it was up over 880,000 views.)

A reporter in L.A. tracked her down.  And she was shocked when someone told her she’d been on TV.

Since then, she’s found a place to stay . . . someone’s giving her a new violin . . . she’s booked at least one singing gig . . . and someone started a GoFundMe page that’s raised a ton of money already.  As of last night, it was around $45,000.

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