A Homeless Man Returned a Lost Backpack, and It Turned His Life Around

Here’s a great reminder that even a single act of kindness can have huge returns . . .

Back in 2017, a family in Greenville, South Carolina lost a backpack.  And a homeless guy named Ben Williams found it.

He was addicted to drugs at that point and pretty desperate.  But he still wanted to do the right thing.  So he rode his bike and walked SEVEN MILES just to return it.

Shortly after that, he ended up getting arrested for drugs and was headed to jail.  But the family he helped found out about it and volunteered to SPONSOR him.

Because of that, his judge had him go through addiction counseling.  Meaning he could avoid jail as long as he stayed clean.

And now two years later, he just GRADUATED from that program.

He says the whole thing has been like a “rebirth,” and he’s excited about his future now.  His next goal is to become an addiction recovery coach, so he can pay it forward and help other people get clean.