A Homeless Guy Goes Back to College 44 Years After Dropping Out

There’s a guy in Austin named David Carter who’s in his mid-60s.  And he’s been homeless off-and-on for the last few decades.  But he’s a very smart guy.

He was a student at the University of Texas until he dropped out in 1975.  Since then, he’s struggled with addiction . . . schizophrenia . . . and he’s had to beg for money just to get by.

But late last year, a journalism student named Ryan Chandler interviewed him for an assignment on homelessness in Austin.  Then his piece got published, and the school’s official alumni newspaper also did a story on him.

And now, 44 years after David dropped out . . . Ryan is helping him go BACK to college.

They tracked down David’s old transcripts and found out he’s 64 credit hours away from a Fine Arts degree . . . which is roughly a year’s worth of classes.  So Ryan petitioned the school to let him back in.  And last month, they DID.

Ryan and David were hoping to get a Pell Grant to cover his tuition.  But then an anonymous alumni member came forward, and THEY offered to pay.

He’s majoring in studio art.  His first class starts tomorrow.

(CNN / Alcalde)