Here’s proof you don’t have to break the bank to make your wedding special.  Because we’ve never seen this before . . .

Kari Bordner is a guidance counselor at a high school in Indianapolis.  And she’s been dating a social studies teacher there named Jeff Vest for about 15 years.

She’s 49, he’s 56.  And they recently decided to finally get married.  But they didn’t want to make it a huge deal, or spend a lot of money.

So on Wednesday . . . which was the last day of the school year . . . they held their ceremony in the school GYMNASIUM.

They did it at half court, and didn’t tell people until the night before when they sent out invitations.

It’s not clear if students were invited or not.  But there’s a video of it, and it sounds like quite a few people were in the bleachers.

Kari wore a white dress, and Jeff appears to be wearing some sort of coaching uniform.  Green shirt, shorts, and sneakers.  So definitely not too formal.

He also happens to be retiring early this year at 56.  So it was a big day for him on multiple fronts.

(Fox59 / Spokeo / Spokeo)