There’s a 16-year-old kid named Zac Clark who plays high school football in Butler, Ohio.  And sadly, his dad passed away a little over a year ago.

But he was doing some yardwork for his mom this month when he heard his neighbors yelling for help.

It turned out a guy who lives next door was working on his car when it fell and LANDED on him.  And he was pinned underneath it.

So Zac ran over . . . reached under the 3,000-pound car . . . and LIFTED it just enough for someone to pull the guy out.

His neighbor ended up with a few broken ribs, but he’ll be okay.  His doctors told him he wouldn’t have made it much longer though.

Zac says he’s not sure where the burst of strength came from.  But he was thinking of his dad when he did it.

He says he knew his neighbor had kids and didn’t want them to lose THEIR dad.  So he just dug deep and did everything he could to save him.


(Here’s a photo of Zac.)