A woman in St. Louis named Savannah Roesch went to a Cardinals game this past Sunday, even though she hates baseball.

She was there with her family for Transplant Awareness Day, to honor her brother Donovan Bulger, who died in an accident three years ago.  But because he was an organ donor, he saved several people’s lives.

Anyway, Savannah and her siblings had just posed for a photo when a woman walked up and asked if they were Donovan’s family.

It turned out she’d seen the t-shirts they were wearing with his picture on them.  And she recognized Donovan . . . because her father got his HEART.

65-year-old John Sueme had been in heart failure for five years before the transplant.  And he was ALSO there for Transplant Awareness Day with his family.

He’d never met anyone in Donovan’s family before.  The only contact they’d had was a letter where John wasn’t allowed to reveal his last name.  But he knew who Donovan was, and he’d seen pictures.

There’s a pretty emotional video of Savannah and her family members hugging John one by one, and listening to his heartbeat.  John says even he gets chills every time he watches it.

(Fox2Now / CNN)