I’ve had some horrible hangovers in my life, but never one that required FIVE FIGURES worth of medical treatment.

There’s a 30-year-old guy named Cameron Fisher who got married in Denver this past April.  But two days before the wedding, he had his bachelor party . . . and he was so INSANELY HUNGOVER the next day he decided to go to the nearest ER.

He was dehydrated, so they gave him an IV drip, a little anti-nausea medication, took his blood to run tests . . . and discharged him 45 minutes later when he felt better.

Then a few weeks later, he got the bill . . . $12,460, or more than twice the cost of his wedding.  Why was it so high?  He went to a private ER, which are banned in lots of states . . . but legal in Colorado.  And they jack up the prices for EVERYTHING.

For example, they rated the complexity of Cameron’s case a four out of five, so they could charge a higher rate.  They ran tests on his blood without asking and charged thousands for them.  And they charged $700 for the saline, which retails for $22.

Cameron was able to negotiate the bill down to $4,694, and his insurance will cover $2,102 of that.  But he’s still stuck with $2,592, which he says he can’t afford.  Quote, “That’s quite the expensive bachelor party.”

(CBS News)