A Guy Trying to Propose in Times Square Dropped the Ring Down a Grate

Let’s hope this couple doesn’t look at their proposal as a metaphor for their future marriage.

A couple was walking through Times Square in New York on Friday when the guy got down on one knee to propose.  But . . . he fumbled the ring and it fell down a sewer grate.

They asked the cops for help finding the ring, but they couldn’t spot it, so the couple left.  Then the next day, the cops went back in and managed to find the ring deep down in some mud . . . but they didn’t have the couple’s info.

So they went to social media and tweeted a video of the botched proposal . . . and it worked.

Some people helped them identify the couple, and they got the ring back to them yesterday.  And they even cleaned it first.

(USA Today / Twitter)



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