There’s a guy in Indianapolis named Randy Etter who’s trying to be an R&B singer.  So money’s tight.  And he recently found out he needed a big chunk of change to save his dog’s LIFE.

His pit bull Gemini ate a sock and part of a plastic bottle.  And it got lodged in his intestines.  So he needed a VERY expensive surgery that Randy couldn’t afford.  It was going to cost between three and six THOUSAND dollars, and it had to happen fast.

Then to make things worse, Randy got FIRED from his day job for not showing up, because he was busy driving Gemini back and forth to different vets.

But he was still willing to do anything to save his dog’s life.  So he decided to put his CAR up for sale online.  And he listed it for $1,000 less than it was worth, just to sell it.

Luckily, he didn’t have to though.  Because a non-profit group called the S.O.A.R. Initiative heard about him, and posted the story on Facebook.

People were amazed at how Randy was willing to give up everything to save his dog.  So donations started pouring in . . . and random strangers ended up donating around THREE GRAND to cover the surgery.

One of Randy’s friends also loaned him $2,000 to help.  And Gemini is doing great now.  The surgery worked, and he’s already back to normal.