Do you have a bag of ketchup packets and other condiments in your kitchen?  Just in case you ever need them?  This is like the “Survivor” edition of that.

A 36-year-old in Oregon named Jeremy Taylor got stuck in deep snow last Sunday while doing some off-roading.

Apparently there was no cell reception, so he curled up in his 4-Runner and went to sleep for a while.  Then when he woke up the next day, even more snow had fallen.  And he still couldn’t get his SUV unstuck.

He tried to hike to a main road, but had to turn back because the snow was too deep.  So his only choice was to wait in his car and hope someone found him.

He ended up being stuck there all alone with his dog for FIVE DAYS without any food.  But luckily, he did have three packets of Taco Bell FIRE SAUCE he’d left in his car.

He had plenty of water because of all the snow.  And you can go a lot longer than five days without food.  So the hot sauce probably didn’t save his life.  But it’s the only food he had.

Someone on a snowmobile eventually found him on Friday and called 911.  Jeremy and his dog were both very hungry when they were rescued, but otherwise they were in good health.