A Guy Puking Off a Train Platform Almost Got Hit, but a Bystander Saved Him

This video is crazy because of just how close the dude came to death.

Some drunk guy was at a train station in Sydney, Australia the other night, and was feeling sick.  So he walked to the edge of the platform and started ralphing right onto the tracks.  And he didn’t realize a TRAIN was coming.

He was hammered, and also had headphones on.  So he didn’t see the train and didn’t hear it either.

But luckily a random guy ran over and pulled him back JUST in time.  If he’d gotten there a half-second later, the 450-ton train would have nailed the guy’s HEAD.

The guy was still feeling sick.  So then he walked to the other side of the platform and did the same thing AGAIN.  But the guy who saved him the first time made him sit down on a bench before another train came.

Kieren Foley is the guy who pulled him back.  He says he’s just glad he was in the right place at the right time.

(Daily Mail / 9 News)