A Guy Pries Open a Gator’s Jaws to Rescue His Dog

If your dog’s life is in trouble, you’ve gotta save the dog.  Even if it means doing this . . . There’s a guy in southwest Florida, in a place called Nokomis, who heard some noises coming from the canal behind his house last week.

When he got out there, he saw his chocolate lab was in the canal . . . and a nine-foot GATOR was chomping down on it.

The guy didn’t hesitate . . . he jumped right into the canal and pried the gator’s jaws open to rescue his dog.  And as soon as he got the jaws loose, he grabbed his dog and pulled him to safety.

Both the guy and the dog were injured, but fortunately, they’re going to be okay.

A trapper was able to capture the alligator and get it out of the canal.

(ABC 7 – Sarasota)