We always talk about how we’d help our family out if we ever won a big lottery jackpot.  Now a guy in England actually gets to do it . . .

24-year-old Dean Weymes recently won $12,000 a month for 30 years.  That’s just under $150,000 a year, before taxes.  (And over 30 years, it’s more than $4.3 million.)

So he quit his job at an Amazon distribution center the next day.  And when he told HR why he was quitting, they thought it was a joke.

Now he’s planning to pursue a career in screenwriting, which he went to college for.  But he’s also using the money to help his family.

His 23-year-old brother has a severe form of autism that’s, quote, “about as serious as it gets.”  And up until now, their parents have had to do everything for him.  But they’re getting closer to retirement age.

So Dean is planning to use a nice chunk of his monthly income to help care for him.  And now that he doesn’t have to work, he can spend more time with him too.

(Peterborough Telegraph / BBC)