A Guy Hands Out $12,000 Worth of Christmas Gifts to Kids in His Old Town

There’s a guy from northern Virginia named Adam Armstrong who grew up poor and spent a few months in jail when he was 18 for selling pot.

He lived in a low-income housing complex in Harrisonburg, Virginia as a kid.  (About 20 miles from the border with West Virginia.)  But he’s done well for himself since then.

And on Saturday, he went back to his old digs . . . to hand out CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

He showed up in a big Ryder truck that was filled with bikes and more than 1,000 other toys.  And he handed out presents to all the kids who live there.

The manager of the property says it was basically like “Oprah for little kids . . . YOU get a bike, and YOU get a bike, and YOU get a bike.”

Once all of the kids in his old housing complex got gifts, he drove the truck to other low-income areas around town and handed out even more.

In all, he gave away about 1,300 toys and spent roughly $12,000 on it.

He came up with the idea a few weeks ago.  It’s a lot of money, but he says the expressions on the kids’ faces were priceless.

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