If everyone was this nice, the world would be a much better place:  A 30-year-old guy in London named Tim Cameron lost his wallet on Monday while he was riding his bike home from work.

And almost immediately, a random guy named Simon Byford got in touch to get it back to him.  But the great part is HOW he got in touch.

Tim’s license was in there, but there was no way to call or email him.  And “Tim Cameron” is such a common name, Simon couldn’t find him on Facebook.

His bank card had his account number on it though.  So Simon started sending multiple MONEY TRANSFERS for a penny each, and leaving comments in the “notes” section.

Each transfer had a limit of 18 characters.  So he sent him four in a row.  The first one said, “Hi, I found your.”  Then the second one said, “wallet in the road.”  Then the next two said to call or text, and included Simon’s phone number.

Tim saw the transfers come through . . . got in touch . . . rode his bike 20 minutes to Simon’s house . . . and gave him a bottle of red wine as a thank you.  Then he posted screenshots of the bank transfers on Twitter.

(Evening Standard / Mashable)