Can anyone do this?  Or were these lottery officials just being nice?  A guy in Des Moines named Tyler Heep showed up at Iowa Lottery headquarters last week to collect his winnings . . . on a scratcher ticket worth ONE DOLLAR.

Obviously he could have just cashed it at 7-Eleven or something.  But he wanted to see what they’d do.

Instead of cash, he asked for a check . . . one of those GIANT checks people get when they win a million bucks.

And without even blinking, they actually did it for him.

They printed out a giant check for $1.  Then they brought him in the back to take a picture with it in front of the Iowa Lottery Logo.

Tyler says they treated him just like they would have treated a million-dollar winner.  And the whole experience was pretty great.

He’s already blown through all the money he won, by the way.  He says he used his $1 to buy a half-gallon of gas.