A Guy Emails 246 Women Named Nicole to Find the One He Met the Night Before

Sometimes life works like a romantic comedy.  I mean, almost NEVER, and never to people like you or me, but sometimes.

There’s a guy named Carlos Zetina who’s a student at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.  And last week, he was at a bar on campus when he met a girl named Nicole.  They hit it off, but she accidentally typed her number into his phone wrong.

So the next day, he found every Nicole in the student directory . . . all 246 of them . . . and he sent them an email to try to find that one special Nicole.

But . . . it didn’t work exactly like he planned for two reasons.

1.  The Nicole he met wasn’t in the directory, so she wasn’t one of the 246 he emailed.

2.  And he didn’t BCC everyone, he just plopped all their addresses into an email.  So they started replying to EACH OTHER, and cut him off the email chain.  Now they’re becoming friends and hanging out.

There actually IS a bright side here for Carlos, though.  One of those Nicoles DID know the Nicole he was looking for, and now she and Carlos are in touch and they’re planning to go on a date.




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