There’s a five-year-old kid in Green Bay named Kyu San Juan who was born with a condition where the arteries in his brain were all twisted up.  And he had to have an operation last Wednesday to fix it.

Now a video of him dancing in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store is going viral.  Because that’s what he wanted to do when he got nervous the night before surgery.

Apparently his mom shops there late at night when it’s empty.  And he likes to dance around while she’s getting groceries.

His grandfather flew in from across the country to be there for the surgery.  And Kyu wanted HIM to dance with him.  So he got out of bed around midnight, and he’s in it too.

Kyu also needed the left side of his head shaved for the surgery.  So his grandfather got a matching haircut, just so he’d feel better about it.

The best news is the operation was a success.  It went better than his doctors hoped, and they think he won’t need any other treatments after this.  He was back up on his feet within a few days.

He even danced again while he was still in the hospital.  The grocery store chain where they did the video is called Festival Foods.  And they sent their mascot . . . a big turkey named Boomer . . . to the hospital to dance with him.

(Huff Post / WBAY)