The cost of the average wedding depends on what state you’re in.  But in general, it’s WAY too much.  So you’ve gotta get creative on how to pay for it . . .

A young woman in Arkansas named Sarah Ashley is getting married next month.  The average wedding in Arkansas costs about 17 grand now.  And that’s one of the CHEAPEST states.

Her parents don’t have a ton of money.  Her mom’s a teacher, and her dad works for a church.  But her dad Heath has always hoped to give her a big wedding.  So he came up with an idea.

He’d never done it before, but decided to open up a stand and sell FIREWORKS for the Fourth of July.

They put up a sign about the wedding, and they’ve been raking in the cash.  Sarah’s mom and brothers have also helped out.  And everyone’s been taking turns running it.

Heath says the best part has been watching his whole family come together to make the wedding happen.