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A Firefighter in Washington Got Bit by a Large African Cat During a House Fire

When a firefighter hears someone yelling, “Please, please, save my cat!” . . . yeah, it’s not supposed to go down like THIS.

The fire department in Felida, Washington was putting out a small house fire on Sunday when one of the firefighters found the owner’s pet cat inside.

But it wasn’t a regular pet cat.  It was a 70-pound African savannah cat called a serval that looks like a leopard but with a small cat head.  And it BIT the firefighter’s hand.

Fortunately, the firefighter and the cat are both okay.

And animal control came in to capture the serval . . . but there’s no word on whether the person in the house owned it legally or not.

(The Oregonian)

(Here’s a picture of the cat after it was captured . . . and here’s one in the wild.)

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