A Drunk Guy Called an Uber to Save an Injured Bird

A guy near Salt Lake City named Tim Crowley was hanging out, drinking with his neighbor recently, when a baby bird fell out of the sky and landed right next to them.

It was a two-week-old finch that couldn’t fly yet.  And they knew it would die if they didn’t get it some help.  But they were both too drunk to drive at that point.

So they did the only responsible thing they could think of . . . and called the bird an UBER.

They sent it to a nearby wildlife center.  Apparently the workers were confused when it showed up, because it was the only passenger in the car.  So the driver had to explain what was going on.

Now the bird’s doing much better.  And they think they’ll be able to release it back into the wild by the end of the summer, just in time for it to migrate.