A Couple Held a “Community Baby Shower” and Gave Gifts to 150 New Moms

Baby showers are great because new moms get lots of stuff they need . . . including things they don’t even KNOW they need.  Like, who knows what a “boppy” is?  Your friend with three kids, THAT’S who.  (It’s a breastfeeding pillow, by the way.)

So what this couple did is pretty great . . .

Jonathan and Cindy Strawbridge live in York, Pennsylvania, and have a two-year-old son.  So they know how expensive basics like diapers and baby clothes are.

And last week, they put together 150 gift baskets, then gave them away to new moms and dads who are struggling or didn’t get to have a baby shower of their own.

They called it a “community baby shower.”  And they filled each basket with essentials, like formula and diapers.

Cindy also attached personalized notes to every basket to let each mom know that, quote, “You matter.  You are loved.  [And] so is your child.”