I’m not sure it gets crazier than this one.

There’s a 45-year-old woman named Kristine Barnett in Lafayette, Indiana.  And back in May of 2010, she and her 43-year-old husband Michael Barnett agreed to an emergency adoption of a six-year-old girl from Ukraine named Natalia.

Well . . . in 2013, Kristine and Michael moved to Canada, and they left Natalia behind.

The authorities just tracked them down last week and arrested them for neglect of a dependent.

BUT they say this isn’t what it seems.  They say they didn’t abandon their nine-year-old . . . they say they figured out their daughter was actually a 22-YEAR-OLD DWARF who was POSING as a child.

And they also say she was a sociopath who tried to poison Kristine and push her into an electric fence, and once attacked a baby.

The Barnetts say they’re not sure why they were arrested since they went to court to argue to legally change the girl’s age a few years ago . . . and witnesses testified that their daughter was really an adult.

Natalia was in a psychiatric treatment facility, but a few years back, she left . . . and now, no one knows where she is.

And by the way, if all of this sounds like a movie . . . the horror movie “Orphan” from 2009 featured this exact scenario.

(Daily Mail / Fox 59 – Indianapolis)

(Here’s are Kristine and Michael’s mugshots . . . and here are a few pictures of Natalia.)