I hate to call something the dumbest product in the world, because I KNOW something dumber will always come along . . . but right now, in this moment, I feel like this IS the dumbest product in the world.

A company called Vaev just started selling tissues . . . that are already infested with GERMS.  Like, someone else already sneezed into these tissues, then the company packages them up in a box and sells them to you.

For $80.  That’s right.  $80 for a box of used tissues.

They CLAIM that using these tissues helps build up your immune system to get you ready for flu season . . . OR let you DECIDE when you’re going to intentionally give yourself the flu to get it out of the way.  Really, that’s part of their marketing message.

Anyway, before you drop $80, just know that doctors are NOT on board.  One doctor in Akron, Ohio says, quote, “That’s bizarre.  This seems like a total waste of money.”

And one in Nashville says, quote, “This is potentially hazardous if it does work, and I don’t think that it does.”  I really hope this product is fake and this is all just a stunt.