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A Chinese Restaurant Is Going Viral for Its Very Honest Menu Descriptions

I gotta say, if I went to a restaurant and the menu said something listed is “not that good” . . . I’d appreciate the honesty.  And I’d probably order it anyway, just to be That Guy.

There’s a Chinese restaurant called Aunt Dai in Montreal.  And it’s going viral after someone tweeted photos from their menu . . . where the restaurant owner writes his HONEST, unedited opinion on each of the dishes.  His name is Feigang Fei.

For example, on one pork stir fry dish, Fei says it doesn’t meet his high expectations.  He also says the orange beef, quote, “is not that good . . . I am not [a] big fan of North American Chinese food.”

On a beef satay, he writes, quote, “This one is very popular, I still don’t have chance to taste it.  Looks like I should spend more time eating in my own restaurant.”  He recommends stir-fried pork intestines, saying it’s a favorite.

Now that his menu is going viral, Fei says he’s happy because, quote, “It’s very, very good for our business . . . we don’t want [customers] to come with high expectations and then feel disappointed.”


(Here are pictures of some menu items.)

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