A woman near Dallas named Nicole Hornback was out watching a parade with her kids last month when her two-year-old son started choking.  And she had no idea what to do.

She tried giving him the Heimlich.  But she didn’t know how to do it on a little kid.  So it didn’t work.

But luckily, a 17-year-old cheerleader named Tyra Winters happened to spot them from a parade float she was on.  And she knew what to do, because she wants to be a pediatric surgeon someday and took CPR classes in eighth grade.

So she jumped off the float . . . grabbed the kid . . . tipped him forward on his stomach . . . hit him on the back a few times . . . and saved his life.

Once he was breathing again, she handed him back to his mom . . . ran off like it was no big deal . . . and jumped back on the float, so she didn’t miss her ride.

Nicole didn’t even get Tyra’s name.  But she posted about it on Facebook.  Then someone from Tyra’s school saw it.  And Nicole recently met up with her to say thank you in person.