If you haven’t seen this yet, a bus driver in Milwaukee named Irena Ivic was in the middle of her shift last month when she saw a toddler walking across an overpass ALONE.

This was all back on December 22nd, but we’re hearing about it now after the city posted footage last week.  The little girl was in a onesie in her bare feet, and it was 28 degrees the day it happened.

As soon as Irena saw her, she pulled over, ran across the street, and grabbed her.  Then a passenger brought a coat up to the front of the bus to help warm her up.

They all waited there until cops showed up, and the kid ended up falling asleep in Irena’s arms.

Apparently the kid’s mom has some mental health issues.  The dad thinks she left her outside while they were at church, and she wandered off.

Last Thursday, the city gave Irena an award for stepping up to help, calling her actions “humanity at its best.”

(Fox News / Fox6Now)