A Bride Turns Her Bahamas Bachelorette Party Into a Hurricane Relief Effort

A 24-year-old bride from Georgia named Rikki Kahley planned her bachelorette party trip to the Bahamas months ago.  Then Hurricane Dorian hit.

The resort she booked wasn’t actually affected by the storm.  So the trip was still on.  But Rikki realized it was also a chance to help hurricane victims.

So she and friends got on social media and asked people to donate stuff . . . everything from canned food to clothing.

Then when they flew to the Bahamas last week, they brought along FORTY SUITCASES of stuff.  And Delta waived the extra baggage fees.

Rikki says the whole thing was her 17-year-old sister’s idea.  And her bridesmaids immediately got on board with it.

They ended up with way more stuff than they could take.  So they’re shipping the rest.  And people also donated about $1,800 to help out.

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