Swimming across the English Channel is impressive.  That said, almost 2,000 people have done it since the first guy in 1875.  But only one person has done THIS.  And it’s a woman. . .

37-year-old Sarah Thomas is an endurance athlete from Colorado who recently beat breast cancer.

And this week, she became the first person to swim across the English Channel FOUR TIMES, back to back.

She swam 130 miles in 54 hours . . . from England to France . . . then back to England . . . back to France . . . and back to England again.

She got stung in the face by a JELLYFISH along the way.  But she just kept going, then celebrated on the beach with champagne and M&M’s.

Sarah had to stop swimming back when she was going through cancer treatments.  And her doctors said she’d never return to peak form again.  So she proved them wrong.

She says there were moments during her swim when she thought about stopping.  But she just kept telling herself “don’t give up.”