Here’s one of the biggest overachievers in the history of teenagers . . .

Braxton Moral is 17 years old and lives in a tiny town in southwest Kansas.  And this month, he’s graduating from high school AND college at the same time.

And not just any college . . . HARVARD.

He skipped the fourth grade when he was younger, but still felt bored at school.  So his parents enrolled him in some classes at a few local universities.

And when he was 11, they signed him up for classes through Harvard’s extension program.  So he could take classes online too.

He graduated from high school this past Sunday.  And he’ll get his bachelor’s degree from Harvard next Thursday.  Then he plans to go to law school.

Obviously, he’s not the first kid-genius to graduate from Harvard early.  But usually, those kids leave high school early, and he didn’t.

It turns out he’s the first person to ever successfully pursue a four-year high school degree and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard at the same time.