A woman in Tulsa went shopping last Monday and left her BABY in the car on the hottest day of the YEAR so far.  The high was 99 degrees, and the heat index was 116.

It’s not clear how long the kid was in there.  But luckily, a woman and her 12-year-old son walked by . . . heard the kid crying . . . and realized they had to do something.

The 12-year-old’s name is Ben.  And his mom gave him permission to break a window.  So he grabbed a ratchet strap from their trunk . . . the kind you’d use to tie stuff down to a roof rack.

He swung the heavy metal end of it and tried to shatter the driver’s side window.  But he only cracked it.  So then he started swinging at the windshield and BASHED it in.

Once it broke, he climbed on the hood . . . pulled the broken windshield OUT . . . climbed inside . . . and unlocked the car.

The baby’s face was bright red, but it’s okay.  Police gave the mother a $250 fine but decided not to arrest her.  Social services are looking into it now though.

(Fox23 / Facebook)