Here’s a really important reminder that you HAVE to keep a close eye on your kids this summer.  Especially when you’re around water . . .

Three-year-old Kali Dallis was in the pool at an apartment complex near Atlanta three weeks ago.  And her aunt was there with her, but didn’t notice when she slipped out of her pool float and went under.

Luckily, her 10-year-old sister Jayla saw her fully submerged about two minutes later . . . jumped in the pool . . . and pulled her out.  Then their aunt and the apartment manager started doing CPR.

A police sergeant named Ed Lyons was one of the first responders on the scene.  He took over on the CPR, and the footage is pretty intense.  There’s one angle from a security camera and another from Ed’s chest-cam.

Kali showed up at the E.R. in critical condition but MADE IT.  She spent two weeks in the hospital, but doctors think she’ll make a full recovery.

Her mom wasn’t at the pool when it happened, but she’s proud of Jayla for what she did.  (It’s not clear how she feels about the aunt who wasn’t paying attention.)

She says she hopes the story will help other parents remember to keep a closer eye on their kids this summer.

(People / WSB / WAFB)