91% of Us Don’t Trust Other Drivers in the Winter

Almost no one trusts other people to drive well in the winter, according to a new survey.  But two-thirds of us think WE’RE pretty good at it.

91% said they don’t trust other drivers in winter weather.  And 23% have at least one family member they won’t ride with, because they don’t trust their driving skills.

Meanwhile, 64% of us think WE’RE good drivers in the winter.  90% feel very confident driving in the rain . . . 76% feel fine in snow and sleet . . . and 55% feel comfortable driving on icy roads.

So in other words, be very careful with other drivers, because we’re all a bit overconfident.

Here are three quick tips that could help you be a little safer this year . . .

1.  Check your tire pressure.  21% of people don’t know temperature affects your tire pressure, which affects traction.  As the temperature drops, it lowers your tire pressure, about one PSI for every 10 degrees.  And having enough tread is really important too.

2.  Test your battery.  Cold weather can make old batteries fail.  And that can be dangerous if you get caught out somewhere and can’t get home.

3.  Don’t use cruise control in bad weather.  30% of drivers don’t know it’s dangerous.

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