82% of People Now Have Privacy Set Up on Social Media to Hide Stuff from Work

It seems like we’ve FINALLY all figured out that the dumb stuff we randomly post on social media could hold back . . . or literally destroy . . . our careers.

According to a new survey, 82% of people now have at least some privacy settings on their social media accounts to hide stuff from the people at their current job . . . or from places that might check them out during a job search.

The top things people hide are:  Pictures, comments, and status updates about their personal life . . . pictures, comments, and status updates showing them doing unprofessional things . . . and their political views.

The survey also found 50% of people don’t think companies should be allowed to look at people’s social media during the hiring process.

And one-third of us won’t connect with our coworkers on social media.

(Yahoo Finance / JDP)